We run a business

with the environment in mind

We are aware of the huge impact our industry has on the environment, which is why we conduct our operations based on solutions that help reduce emissions to the atmosphere.

In addition to technical solutions, we also conduct proper training for our employees through appropriate management of resources and driving technique, so their actions are guided by care for the natural environment.

our measures
for nature

Regular equipment replacement

All our tractor units comply with the EURO 6 standards. Regular replacement of tractor units, apart from the reliability of the equipment, also guarantees the use of the latest and safest solutions for the environment. We can proudly proclaim that the average age of our fleet is 6 months. We service our vehicles only at the manufacturer, which is why we are sure that the highest standards of care for the environment are met.

Regular training

Our entire team takes active part in regular training, raising their knowledge and skills in environmental protection.

Following procedures

All our tractor units meet the highest Euro 6 emission standards and we organize the transport of goods in compliance with all applicable standards and regulations


Thanks to the use of AdBlue, we reduce the emission of nitric oxide to the atmosphere.

Operation optimization

We analyse the components of our operations and, thanks to the Ecolution by SCANIA, we implement solutions that have a positive impact on the environment

Disposal of parts

We make sure that the used components and waste are stored and disposed of properly.

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